• Booster Club: Program Ads - Volleyball 2020

    Booster Club: Program Ads - Volleyball 2020

    Ad Options: [COVID pricing reflected]
    I would like to use the image taken by Jay Faugot on picture day.
    Ad Creation
    I would like to use my ad from the 2019 Volleyball program.
    I will create my own ad and submit this completed form & ad copy in PDF format to by SEPT 18, 2020.
    I would like for the Ascension ad committee to create my ad.
    Special Instructions
    Contact Name:
    Contact Phone #:
    Contact E-mail:

    In order for advertisement to be published in the 2020-2021 Ascension volleyball program, this online form with payment or a paper form with payment
    must be received by SEPTEMBER 18, 2020.


    Prices are adjusted to accommodate the volleyball season in the midst of COVID.

    Typical prices are as follows:

    Full Page (7.5 x 10) -- $300

    Half Page (5 x 7) -- $175

    1/4 Page (3.5 x 5) -- $100


    To download a printable paper form, click HERE.