• Booster Club: Program Ads - Spring 2020

    Booster Club: Program Ads - Spring 2020

    Spring Sports Program: Ad Options
    Photo Option (Required)
    Ad Creation (Required)
    I will create my own ad and submit this completed form and ad copy to or by mail by MARCH 10, 2020. All ads must be submitted in PDF format. All ads must fit the proper space. If ad content not submitted by deadline, adv
    I would like for the Ascension ad committee to create my ad. If not choosing to utilize an image taken by Charles Hines, I will submit photo(s) or artwork for this ad to or drop off in person by MARCH 10, 2020.
    Special Instructions
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    This online form with payment or a paper form (click HERE) with payment must be received by MARCH 10, 2020 in order for advertisement to be published in Ascension athletic programs. 

    NOTE: If payment and form submitted but ad information not provided by March 10, 2020, the advertising space purchased will be used to display advertiser’s name and a “Good Luck Blue Gators” message only.