• After School Class: Winter S-T-E-A-M!

    After School Class: Winter S-T-E-A-M!

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    Winter S-T-E-A-M!

    Session 3: January 8 - February 8 (5 weeks)

    Day of the Week: Tuesday

    Campus: River Ranch

    Grades: PK3 - Kindergarten

    Begins: at dismissal in the Innovation Lab

    Ends: 3:30 PM in Carpool

    Full Steam ahead! Please join Mrs. Womack and Mrs. Barry for a fun filled 5 weeks of STEM winter experiments and activities that will include:

    • What melts ice fastest Science experiment Fishing for ice science experiment!
    • Make your own Play SNEAUX to take home!
    • 1 Keep sake Art piece on real wood.
    • Learn about Morse code while making a necklace!
    • Make Ice cream in a bag! 
    • Blubber Experiment Bob sledding Challenge! 





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