• After School Class: Games Galore with Coach Chaney (Spring)

    After School Class: Games Galore with Coach Chaney (Spring)

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    Games Galore with Coach Chaney

    Session 4: February 13, 20 & March 13, 20 (4 afternoons)*

    Day of Each Week: Wednesday

    Grades: 1 - 5

    Begins: at dismissal in the gym

    Ends: 3:30 PM in Carline B

    Games Galore is a popular class that allows students to be active, while having fun in a safe environment! Each week, students will play several games, while learning about sportsmanship and teamwork! Some of the games will be traditional games like kickball and floor hockey, while others will be games that aren't as familiar. These include Bamboozle 'Em, Scrambled Eggs, Pirate Ball, Beanbag Toe Tag, Steal the Bacon and many, many more! The cost of class is $45 per student, which includes a snack and refreshment each week.

    This class is limited to 30 students.

    *This class will not be in session the week prior to the Mardi Gras break as Coach Chaney will be chaperoning the 5th grade D.C. trip. 


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